Hedgehog Cafes, so hot right now.
What's #trending in Tokyo?

Our client wanted to know the new new in a megapolis bristling with constant change and innovation. Our user feedback indicated that Hedgehog Cafes are the curio du jour, supplanting Owl & Cat Cafes as the must-see mid-afternoon retreat for savvy travelers with ambitious Instagram accounts.

Acting upon this data, our client quickly produced compelling social media & related tour options for inbound travelers, while planting seeds for future visitors via direct mailing lists.

The result? Brand impact, direct sales and potential sales all increased.
The kartograff spin on market research
Is it a bot? A survey? A contest?
Our client's want to know what's trending in Turin, sizzling in Spain or happening in Hong Kong. Our survey bots, custom designed per location, quickly determine what people really want to see, do, eat & experience in your locale of choice.
To keep costs low and incentivize honest answers we turn Surveys into Contests. The result is structured, actionable data designed to direct your product & content strategy while building targeted, verified mailing lists.
How Kartograff Works
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Give us a target location (city or country).
We'll research location-specific events, historical sites, places of interest, trends, curiosities, eats & accommodations and build your survey bot accordingly.

Kartograff survey bots asks 5 multiple choice questions of 10 answers each, for a total of 50 data points and 100,000 possible itinerary combinations.
Survey Participants spend a few minutes with your bot, building their dream itinerary/ dream vacation from the questions asked.
After a one month survey period is up we'll send your data. At this time we'll also randomly build a "winning itinerary" by drawing numbers for each of the 5 questions asked (detailed here).
If our "winning itinerary" matches that of a survey participant, Kartograff will pay for them to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. As there are 100,000 possible itinerary combinations, there is a 1-in-100,000 chance at winning. If there is a winner, s/he will be contacted by email.
The winner (if any) will be tasked with producing content of their adventure to be shared with both Kartograff and our client (for an extra long-tail bonus).
You, on the other hand, now have the data needed to produce the best content & market directly to future clientele.
Why work this way?
It's simple, fun, social & engaging. More importantly, it pulls out actionable, verified user data by tying each participant intimately to the chance of winning their dream vacation.
only pay for results
Simple Pricing
$1 USD/lead, capped at 10K leads*.
If you get 25,000 survey results we'll send you data for all 25,000 participants but only charge 10K.

We cover bot-creation, hosting, maintenance & troubleshooting and even cover the cost for contest winners to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

*Lead data includes: first name, last name, locale, Messenger User ID, gender (if listed in Facebook profile), answers to 5 questions, age range and email address.
Contact Us
Business & media inquiries: kuritan@kartograff.com
Tokyo, Japan
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